Have TV

Easy Set Up – Simple Steps:

  • Apply for subscription.

  • Fill in the simple form.

  • Pay for the desired option.

  • Receive instant access web address and password.

  • Watch TV

For MAG 254 Set Top Box:

  • All cables are supplied

  • Simple connection between Box and TV (one cable)


Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs :

Q: What equipment do I need?

A: Any PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone or device which has a web browser will work.

Q: Do I need Internet connection?

A: Yes. Our service works with an Internet connection. However, we are the only provider of HaveTV™ stream services, meaning you do not need a high speed connection to enjoy TV. Our system works with most Wireless providers.

Q: Which languages do you provide?

A: By default, we have Dutch, Swedish, German, English, French, Portuguese and Belgium channels activated. (+ some adult channels) It is a true live TV service, like at home, you can have subtitles (if available).

Aa: We have a separate system, allowing more than 2000+ channels, mainly US based. Generally speaking, option A is the most used. (You cannot run both side-by-side)

Q: I am not interested in sports. Can I watch my soaps and general TV?

A: Absolutely! All major channels are covered.

Q: How does the “Catch-up” work?

A: Simple. If you missed an episode from a film or TV screen, just click on the “Catch-up” button – follow the easy instructions and watch from day´s before. (The same applies for sports channels)

Q: How long does it take to be activated?

A: Less than 2 minutes. Once your payment has been accepted, the access is instant for the period you purchased.

Q: Is there a “free version” to test?

A: No. We offer a €10, 2 day low cost options for people on the move. There is no restriction to channels, quality, bandwidth, etc. Most of our clients start here and progress to other options available.

Q: I have a very big TV – HD quality. Will it work?

A: Yes, no problem.

Q: I have a MAG 254 set top box. Can you reconfigure it?

A: Yes. We charge a standard fee of €100 to set up your system – however, in most cases it is not needed. The configuration is easily done within 2 minutes. If you can operate a teller (or cashpoint) machine, you will be able to set your box to our system without any problems.

Q: Do you deliver Pizza?

A: Yes, but only under special circumstances. We are part of YCS, Yacht Computer Service – we fix pretty much anything what has to do with computers, IT equipment, phones, Internet and so on.

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